1. What is your discipline policy?

    We don’t use time- outs.  We guide your child in the right direction by modeling appropriate behavior, and showing your child how to be calm and respectful.  We will re-direct and teach them how to solve their issue independently by giving them the language to use or facilitate.
  2. Why do you have mixed-age classes?

    The philosophy behind mixed-aged groups is so children can learn the skills to be a leader.  Older children mentor younger children and the younger children have someone older to emulate.  Additionally, children who are an only child learn how it feels to have siblings.  Children learn to be warm and supportive communities. It also teaches them to be… Continue Reading »
  3. What are you doing in terms of COVID?

    Our top priority is safety.  To that end, we require anyone entering our school to answer a self-check questionnaire.  Temperature checks are taken at the door.  All adults are required to wear masks while in the school at all times – this includes teachers, staff, and parents.  We also have a very rigorous disinfecting and sanitizing protocol using EPA-approved… Continue Reading »
  4. Villa Montessori Columbus Uses Electrostatic Sprayer to Neutralize Germs and Keep Staff and Children Safe

    At Villa Montessori Columbus, educating children using the unique, hands-on methods pioneered by our founder, Maria Montessori is our specialty. And providing this nurturing, immersive environment, while also keeping our students and faculty healthy and safe, is top priority.  Even before COVID-19, our school engaged in an aggressive daily cleaning policy using hospital-grade disinfectant that… Continue Reading »