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Why do regular daycare when your child can be
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Our school is all about creating an independent, capable, and curious child. One who’s love of learning will carry through into adulthood. At Villa Montessori, we believe that each child is unique, and we understand that each child learns things their own way. Our experienced Montessori certified teachers will provide your child with a hands-on personalized curriculum that celebrates the interest of your child. You will be amazed at how your child will flourish both academically and emotionally! We thrive on seeing your child light up as he discovers and connects with the world around him.

We offer a unique program that integrates both authentic Montessori in the morning work cycle and the freedom of self-expression in our afternoon Reggio inspired work cycle. We believe that the melding of the two curriculums develops the whole child allowing them the freedom to learn in their own unique fashion.

The Montessori Method

The Montessori method nurtures order, coordination, concentration and independence in children. A Montessori classroom is thoughtfully prepared to offer children opportunities to develop their own capabilities at their own pace using hands-on materials that are carefully designed to be sequential and progressive which naturally develops your child’s understanding of the concrete to abstract.


One of the key components of a Reggio-inspired program is known as The Hundred Languages of Children. This is the belief that children are natural communicators and should be encouraged to communicate through whatever means they can. This includes words, movement, drawings, paintings, sculptures and much more. Because there are so many ways children can express themselves, they should be encouraged to use many materials for discovery, communication, and even demonstration of what they wonder, question, imagine or feel. Our teachers are merely facilitators of the child’s exploration of their surroundings.

Extended Primary

Villa Montessori's Extended Primary curriculum includes units that combine language, math, art, science, geography, history and cultural studies.  A low student/teacher ratio allows for highly personalized teaching.  

A Family Environment

Villa Montessori strives to be an extension of your family. We believe that collaborating with parents is the best way to ensure a high level of education for our students. We also believe an involved community creates strong bonds. We do all we can to foster a strong community where we provide opportunities for parents to connect with each other and where families can participate in fun events.

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