How The Montessori School Changed My Perspective of Education

Like most parents, I wanted the best for my child’s education and future. As I visited countless websites and took many on-site tours of schools and programs, my concerns began to grow. The time out chairs and rigorous setting made me rethink the social structures our current educational system holds. I found information online about Montessori schools, and I was very intrigued. I learned the philosophy the school utilizes to assist in the healthy development of a child and decided to make the call.

The Montessori Difference

After speaking with an advisor for the school, I decided to visit a local Montessori school. The atmosphere was friendly and active. I saw a structured yet caring environment that seemed to resonate positivity. Each child seemed to be learning in their own way while collaborating as a group. I was both impressed and excited that I had found a school that seemed to adopt the same philosophy that is derived through psychological research and guidelines. A place where children are not a number, however they are students with encouraged individuality.

The Next Step

I enrolled my child to begin classes in the fall. Through the Montessori school’s website and educational materials, I was able to prepare my child to embark on his educational journey. The Montessori method assists in creating a smooth transition for every child. As his first day arrived, we were prepared and ready. As first days turned into weeks and weeks became seasons, I saw the Montessori philosophy first hand. My child was learning academic and life skills that would enhance his future.

A Fresh Perspective

My ongoing experience with Montessori education has been fulfilling and welcomed. I have respect for the educational systems around us, however am thankful to have the opportunities that the Montessori method offers. The genuine structure of this system lends a fresh perspective to my view of education. The balance of a child’s character and unique learning path provides the learning environment needed to be successful. The safe and well cultured foundations are truly inspiring in an otherwise monochromatic system. I have also learned how to bring these principles home to provide the positive continuity that is necessary for the evolved dynamics involved in maintaining a healthy path for my child to grow and learn. I look forward to the future of education utilizing Montessori philosophy.

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