At Villa Montessori Preschool, we believe that relationships are built from strong connections – between us and the children in our care, between classmates, between families, and between children and their environment.

The Villa Montessori Approach

The Villa Montessori approach seeks connections between two educational philosophies – that of Maria Montessori, and the early childhood programs developed in Reggio Emilia, Italy. We have discovered that each philosophy is an extension of the other and provides us the opportunity to help our children develop more holistically, which in turn allows them to have a richer and deeper understanding of their environment and how they fit within it.

Together, Montessori and Reggio create S.T.E.A.M. a new concept in the field of Early Childhood Education. From inception, both Montessori and Reggio have incorporated science, technology, engineering, art, and math as core components of their respective curriculum. Our unique approach at Villa Montessori blends these concepts to better connect a child to their peers, their families, their environment and their educational experiences.


Science is explored daily – motivating children to question and hypothesize about the world they live in.

Technology begins at the light table and is integrated into the investigation of science.

Engineering is introduced with the Montessori Sensorial materials and then expanded upon in Reggio through provocations that are set up for invention.

Art is discovered both in the study of the Masters (Monet, Van Gogh, Klimt, Magritte, etc.) and with hands-on exploration of various artistic outlets.

Math success is instilled early in Montessori leading a child from concrete computations to the abstract.

Foreign Language

Your child will learn Spanish in an engaging and fun way through pictures, songs, art, and stories.

Young children have a natural ability to learn a second language.  The first three to four years of life are considered the best time for children to learn one, and is as easy as learning their first language.  Why is that you might ask?  Children can absorb new sounds and utterances during this time regardless of whether it is their primary language or not.

Here at Villa Montessori Preschool, we believe that exposing children to a second language is the way forward as we live in a more and more globalized society.  Our exposure to foreign languages is on the increase as more people travel for leisure or for business.

Preparing Children for 21st Century Success

Given the freedom and support to question, to explore deeply, and to make connections, Montessori/Reggio students become more confident, eager, and self-directed learners. They become critical thinkers who can work collaboratively with teachers, students and their environment – a skill set for the 21st century.