Villa Montessori Reviews

You’ve read all about our programs, our teachers and our admissions process…now here’s what parents have to say about us!

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Angela L.

My oldest child began at Villa Montessori over 3 years ago. He had the pleasure of learning from Ms. Indra from preschool to Kindergarten, along with Ms. Dominique. I cannot say enough about the skills he learned from Ms. Indra or the caring environment he was able to experience. Shortly after our oldest started, the school opened to toddlers and we began our youngest who has benefited from transitions from the toddler room to Pre-Primary with Ms. Janani and Ms. G to the Primary room with Ms. Jenna and Ms. Lauren. Every single one of these teachers genuinely cares about my daughter and her education. She is building the foundations that she will need for kindergarten next year and I’m so pleased that she will be able to continue her Montessori learning on her days off from Kindergarten at public school. This is an amazing school and an amazing value as it compares to the cost of an average daycare with a the benefits of a Montessori education.

Melissa C.

My husband and I love sending our daughter here! I really love that starting with infants, they teach the Montessori method. She started in the infant classroom and has now moved up to the young toddler room and loves it. All of the teachers we have interacted with are amazing: Ms. Shakera, Ms. Malaysia, Ms. Olivia, Ms. G, Ms. Lisa, Ms. Precious and of course Tamye and Jessica are so friendly and helpful too. It’s amazing to see at 14 months how she already understands when to put her shoes and coat on to leave in the morning, when I say time to eat she runs to her highchair, and she even cleans up her tray with a baby wipe after eating. Every morning now she runs to the door so she can go to daycare and we know she’s in amazing hands. Only con is the app is a bit delayed with reports and pictures, but I’m never worried as her behavior proves she has a great time and the teachers always fill us in when we pick her up too. Overall, we can’t say enough how glad we are that our daughter goes to VMP!

Manoj J.

Our 4 year old has been here for a month and has reflected tremendous change in his behavior and skills compared to attending a good daycare. we are amazed by his developments and happy that we made the decision to move our kid to this Montessori. The teacher Miss Lauren and Jenna are awesome. the staff is very accommodating and responsive. Would strongly recommend.

Philip C.

Our family relocated to the Columbus area last July with our one-year old daughter. One of the first things we did after getting settled in was to look for quality childcare for her. The LONG search was worth it because we found Villa. They have been absolutely amazing for us, and most importantly for our daughter; it has blown my mind how well she has responded to the Montessori method. First of all, they are tackling something that NONE of the other Montessori schools in the Columbus are doing, starting the curriculum with infants and toddlers! When I arrive to drop my daughter off at school, she is so excited to get in that saying goodbye to me is almost an afterthought. From my observations of her class, I can see how well she responds to the way Montessori is taught in her class. It’s obviously at a very introductory level for her age, but the respect and independence she is given is exactly what she needs at this phase of her life. I have no doubt that she is a more intelligent, confident, and respectful person as a direct result of her teachers; Ms. Veronica initially, and now Ms. Victoria and Ms. G. On top of how great the school and the teaching staff have been for my daughters development, the school’s director, Tamye, deserves a HUGE thank you! I work at Wright-Patt Credit Union, and being an essential worker means that I have had to work more hours and under more stressful conditions since the COVID-19 pandemic started. She looked at my unique situation and found a way to offer assistance that meant I could keep working to put food on the table and pay our bills. She went above and beyond to find a solution for me. I also know that she worked with the owners to find this solution, which means that at every level from top to bottom this school has it’s priorities exactly where they need to be.

Ganesh P.

We were really glad we send our kid to Villa Montessori school. They follow Montessori program there and my kid was encouraged to explore more and learn a lot. Teachers were always keen on listening to parents and communicating about progress and also very caring. The environment is very clean. I would recommend Villa to my friends. My kids had a wonderful time there.

Cedar W.

Our family has been a part of Villa Montessori Polaris since the school opened. The Director and Assistant Director are life long early childhood advocates. The teaching staff bring unique backgrounds to the school and form a team of highly skilled and passionate educators. Diversity is important to our family and VMP celebrates and teaches diversity and inclusion. Learning through the arts is also an important value of our family. At VMP, art and music are part of the curriculum through the use of both Montessori and Reggio methodologies. At VMP, each child is celebrated for their individuality and the strengths and contributions they bring to the community. Our children have excelled at their own pace and in their own way with the gentle direction of the Montessori method. Their unique interests are explored by the teachers. There are many childcare and preschool options in our area, but the benefits of a Montessori based education have far exceeded my expectations for our children. I encourage all parents looking for an early learning environment that values critical thinking, self-direction and sense of community to explore Villa Montessori Polaris.

Keeli C.

I cannot say enough positive things about Villa Montessori Polaris. The teachers and staff are so caring, helpful, knowledgeable and patient. My child has grown leaps and bounds since coming to VMP 6 months ago. It makes going to work easier knowing your child is not only well taken care of but happy. I am amazed at how much individual care my child gets at VMP; much more than he got at an in-home daycare. VMP is clean, organized and peaceful. We are so happy we found this school and look forward to many more years here.

Lisa C.

Villa Montessori Columbus continues to be a wonderful and caring experience for my grandson. I look forward to events like Goodies With Grandparents that give us the opportunity to see his educational progress in his environment. GREAT center and staff.

Lakshmi J.

You want your child to be independent and confident in anything they do.. Then this is the right place for it. Great teachers and a caring environment. When you see your child growing not just intelligent but also well behaved and mannered… As a parent we feel proud that we made right choice.

Nate O.

Villa Montessori is an amazing school that allows every child to grow into the person they were created to be. My son started attending the school in August and his development has increased in all areas. I’m thankful to be able to place my child in a school with great teachers/staff and an awesome learning environment.

Amy S.

I had always wanted a Montessori experience for my daughter, so I was so excited to discover VMP! The most important review comes from the student herself, and she says it’s “great!” She wants to go to school everyday! The biggest change I have observed is the increase in her confidence. There really is a Montessori difference!

Felicia K.

My son Zaden had an amazing experience at Villa Montessori. The Director is amazing, great teachers, small class size ratio, and I could leave him knowing he had excellent care and he was learning more than I could provide him at home.
Definitely recommend Villa Montessori Polaris!

Lisa M.

Both my kids started at Villa Montessori three days a week in September. They are excited to go to school every morning. I love seeing the things they work on and what they learn through the daily reports. It’s clear how much heart the teachers and staff have for learning and for their charges. This school has been such a great fit for our family!


Milena I.

So thankful for Villa Montessori in Polaris. One of the only authentic Montessori schools in the Columbus area. Everyone is so nurturing and loving. They know how to calm even the most anxious parents (ME!). Ms. Jessica, Ms. Natasha and Ms. Misty are super attentive and take the time to know each child. Their likes and dislikes. Their needs. That was HUGE for me. Ms. Tamye (the Director) and Ms. Crissy are absolutely amazing at running the school. Super hands on with the teachers and students. I am so grateful to have found this school!
As nervous as I was to leave my sweet boy in the care of others, I cannot be more at ease leaving him at Villa!


“Great location! Lots of wonderful natural light in the classroom, well maintained and clean. Very prompt and organized with all personal correspondence so parents won’t miss anything, thanks to the wonderful director. Amazingly caring teachers that are warm and welcoming. We’re always greeted with a smile and conversation. Yummy and healthy organic snacks/lunches are available. In the little time we have attended, I can already see my little man becoming more independent and building friendships with his classmates. He can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning and get ready to go to his school and play. And did I mention… the playground is awesome! We are very happy!”


“This school is wonderful! My son loves the school and had so much fun on his first day. He cannot wait to go back! Thank you for making this such an amazing experience!”